Dental Associates of Lancaster

When you choose Dental Associates of Lancaster, you're responsible for all fees, either through your insurance company or out of your own pocket. While monthly payments are accepted, this must be arranged through our office prior to your procedure.


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Interest free financing

Any balance after your insurance has paid out what it covers is your responsibility. We happy accept payments via Care Credit, Visa or MasterCard, with out-of-pocket or first monthly payments due before procedures.

Credit cards accepted

At Dental Associates of Lancaster, we strive to offer you the best possible at the most reasonable rates. Feel comfortable choosing us for both quality and value, as well as extra care when you're at home.

Excellent service and value

We will gladly bill your insurance company and you should receive a statement for uncovered fees within 4-6 weeks. Prompt payment is always appreciated.

Handling your insurance work

Our detailed financial policy