Dental Associates of Lancaster

Sometimes dental work needs a little more than what a simple office visit or procedure can provide. That's why Dental Associates of Lancaster works in affiliation with Lancaster General Hospital's main campus and Lancaster General Health Campus to offer superior services in an outpatient hospital setting.


Enjoy a friendly and caring staff for your hospital procedures!


We also work with special needs patients in a hospital setting so we can provide everything they need. We specialize in procedures for autistic patients, those with phobias, Down's syndrome patients, and medically-compromised patients.

Special needs patients

Young children who may not be manageable in an office setting also benefit from our hospital procedures. If anesthesia is needed, be prepared and learn more about sedation dentistry so your fears are alleviated.

Hospitals and sedation

When general anesthesia is necessary for dental procedures, we offer a hospital setting with dentists, doctors, and nurses who care. Always feel safe for your hospital dental appointment.

A safe setting with people who care

Taking every step to make your treatments easier