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Dental procedures often give birth to panic and fear, as well as undue stress as you await your appointment. You wonder about the discomfort and pain you'll feel during the procedure, and even worry if you need to be sedated.


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There are different levels of sedation dentistry. You may go under general anesthesia where you are completely asleep, or you may be minimally sedated where you are awake, but relaxed enough to not panic during the procedure.

Deep sleep or just relaxed

When you're moderately sedated, you may slur your words for a while and not remember the procedure, or you may choose deep sedation where you are somewhat conscious and can be woken if necessary.

Different sedation levels

Rest assured that sedation dentistry is completely safe and offers you a way to get through your procedure without pain, waking up to a healthier mouth.

A safe way to get you through dental procedures

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